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Seeing Through Lugo

Tim Davis

A city is a series of facades.

There is nothing more promising than nothing.

They say "Lugo" comes from a Celtic word {"Lug"), which the Romans read as Lucus Augusti, or something translatable as "magical forest."

The First Law of Thermodynamics:

states that energy cannot be created or destroyed. There is a finite amount of energy in the universe. That is not true of human meaning. Even in the least promising, nearly non-narrative situation, there is always more meaning, as long as there are humans there to sniff it out. Animals are lovely, but they don’t know about meaning.

Fluorescent lights cast the same glowy democratic light everywhere.

Is there anything more powerful that we get from a work of art than a sense of the artist’s resourcefulness? Think of Messaien and "The Quartet for the End of Time," or Borges writing so many essays about books he could not see to read.

I wouldn't know how to photograph a magical forest.